Service & Scope


We are developing analytic and numerical models and simulations to solve physical and technical problems and questions from applied aero-, thermo- and fluiddynamics as well as structural dynamics. Our solutions also apply in the area of industrial data science. In order to generate deep insights into physical processes and complex technical procedures we design, implement and commission lab-scale experiments in our own testing facilities. Here, we have the opportunity to gather experimental validation data for our computational solutions.

Early-Stage Assessment

We develop your technical ideas into outstanding and successful R&D projects. We deliver early stage assessment and sketch realistic scenarios  how to turn and finance your technical ideas into pre-market prototypes  by means of our scientific expertise and with the help of our strong scientific network.  The assessment work includes an early stage overview  of the technical feasibility, state-of-the-art, patent situation, sustainability  impact, market potentials and fundability of your ideas. Taking these into  account possible approaches to your specific prototype will be disclosed as  a major result of the development phase. 

R&D Funding

Based on the results above we design, prepare and finance your project.  This phase includes identification of possible funding programs, technical &  strategical project definitions, scheduling & capacity planning, finance  planning and the assembly of high-potential research consortia. If desired  and possible we bring in our strong international scientific partners to  become members of your R&D consortium. As a major result of phase two  we raise governmental funding (including all necessary application work)  and make your R&D project take off. The majority of the risk of rising R&D funds remains with us – this phase is mainly based on success!

Research & Development

Once in place and familiar with your topic you can make us become a  member of your R&D consortium and bring in our experience and  expertise as well. We are ready to take over important tasks in content in  your R&D project, develop application-specific solutions and disruptive  technologies for and with you. Furthermore we are ready to process and  manage your R&D project and take over responsibility for periodical  reviewing, reporting and progress and success monitoring and intervention. 
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Process Engineering

Industrial Data Analysis

Efficiency Improvement

Emission Reduction

Business Engineering

Healthcare Solutions

Renewable Energies

Propulsion Systems