LuFt – based on mDLS

TREAVES GmbH is currently developing a real-time capable AI-based simulation tool for digital lung function analysis in collaboration with various academic and medical partners.
The tool is based on coupled neural networks underpinned by simulation results of standardized lung-function scenarios. In addition, a signal evaluation procedure is used to analyze both pneumometric functional and radiological (e.g. CT) anatomical data. Data-analysis reveals and localizes individual degradation features and evaluates them in terms of lung-performance. This novel tool is intended mainly to support decision-making in pneumology. It is planned to be used in diagnostics and in the control and corresponding monitoring of therapy. Future development will address both intensive care (e.g. in artificial ventilation setup) and emergency medicine (e.g. quick lung-function analysis in conjunction with sensor data). It is intended to significantly increase the information yield and level of detail of in-vivo examinations in order to reduce the workload of medical professionals and to minimize the examination stresses of patients, e.g. by avoidance of invasive procedures.
This R&D-project is supported by the pneumological department „Pneumologie im Sanupark Hochheim“, the radiologic department „Radiologie Friedrichpassage“ in Wiesbaden, the anesthesiologic department at the „Tagesklinik Hofheim am Taunus“ and the intensive care unit at the „Johanniter Hospital“ in Wiesbaden. It is funded proportionally with European EFRD funds by the Hessian state government until 12.2022.